Body’s Nature is your Treatment

Take a session & Feel Change

Know your Body, Connect your Inner self with online yoga session

Different life style and Nature

There are seven types of Body’s Nature according to Ayurveda. Everybody has different work , routine and health problems. So this makes you to do special yoga according to your body’s nature.

It’s very compulsory to understand your body,s strength , your mood and your daily routine works.

You Are Unique

It’s nature who creat us with different DNA, Finger prints and face.

We all are Unique but we start to copy or follow someone in any practice of yoga or exercise so first know you are unique and you have a unique path and style.


Different experiences of Life

We see the world with a different angle from our side. It’s not compulsory that everyone will feel the same.

Some are not treated well by surrounding people but Some are very well. So these experiences makes your thoughts different in any situation. 


Health Guru Rakesh Vats

Health Guru will help you to improve your mind Relaxation with simple and effective technics of Pranayama (Breathing methods)

Bandha (Locking inner Body)

Mudras (Postures of fingers and thumbs)

You will know about your body’s nature and the best beneficial food for your stomach. You will also solve your mind’s confusions with easy methods.

Rekha Yadav

You will learn Asans      (Body’s postures) and yogic exercises in a pleasant way.

You will connect with your body quickly with her style of teachings.

After session you will feel very light and relax.

In every session you will learn something new and excited.



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Pratik Aggarwal
Pratik Aggarwal
Accessible location, amazing weather, much needed detoxification traditional techniques and meditation/yoga sessions by an experienced teacher.
Rohit Vasudeva
Rohit Vasudeva
Attended 5 days yoga retreat with Rakesh ji .. Really wonderful experience i have .. came here due to anxiety and stress in life .. feeling relaxed .. beautiful view and sunset from here. Rakesh Guru ji has lot of knowledge of yoga and sadhna and he helps a lot in mental healing with physical healing as well. I am in love to this place because it has really great views . feels great to be here and will look to come back here again 🙏🙏
Ashish Satija
Ashish Satija
Hi Rakesh Ji i totally understand the meaning of yoga in a three day session . The experience was really good. When ever we get time we come again and again
SB Kumar
SB Kumar
I am so grateful to staying at My New Life Yoga Retreat Centre for my first ever yoga retreat near Rishikesh. Rakesh Guru were always so helpful and I felt so taken care of that I could just let myself relax for the whole week , His classes were so enjoyable and He gave lots of options and allowed you to go at your own pace and explore your own practice. I learnt so much from his classes and spent time with other like-minded people in the retreat centre, The vegetarian food was delicious - like food for the soul as well as the body, The centre is set in the mountains of Rishikesh one of the most special places in Rishikesh, The building itself is so comfortable, clean, and welcoming. It quickly starts to feel like home. there was a good mix of Yoga and daily guided natural detox program designed by Rakesh Guru The retreat was thoroughly enjoyable and it sounds contradictory it was relaxing and active, I left feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated, not wanting to return to reality to be honest. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the My New Life Yoga Retreat to anyone.
pankaj srivastava
pankaj srivastava
I was wondering to find a place to go for yoga retreat program. While going thru a website and reading details I was bit tense to whether should go about or not, But now I can highly recommend this yoga retreat center, One of the best place & classes had around the Rishikesh. I have joined their 30 days retreat program and offered mountain view room with free wi-fi & veg meal(Sattvic diet).It was amazing experience. Yoga classes & detox process was too good. The Guided meditations by Rakesh ji are so simple to follow and the effects are soothing. Really refreshed my mind.
lovey gulati
lovey gulati
Best place to start your spiritual journey, the place situated between the mountain, u will get best view of nature, local market is just near by, Guru Rakesh Vats is available to teach you Yog and Yoga for you mental and physical health, you will get Satvik food, multiple types of packages are available like 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 31 days etc for more details feel free to connect Guru Rakesh Vats ji, believe me you will have no regret after coming here, must visit place!
Jasmine Keshwani
Jasmine Keshwani
I'm very satisfied with the decision I took of coming for Yoga Retreat here..It was my first time here and I'm sure I'll be back. The location is fab, feels like you're in lap of nature. Very pure air for which we crave in Mumbai. Cherry on the cake is I lost almost 4Kgs in 9 days just following the schedule and meal plan!!!
smita shahi
smita shahi
Really beautiful view and sunset from here. I am here since last 3 weeks and have immense changes or transformation physically and lot of peace mentally. I came here for mental healing but here lot of stress is gone and I am able to find a new me. Guru ji has lot of knowledge of yoga and sadhna and he helps a lot in mental healing with physical healing as well. I am in love to this place because it has really great views . The food is awesome too and feels great to be here. 🤩🤩🙏🙏